Wildlife Removal Service – Florence, SC

Getting rid of wildlife on your property is important for the health of your family as well as the protection of your home. Keeping your property clean, covering up pet food and storing the garbage cans, are somewhat beneficial for keeping raccoons, squirrels and other wild animals from taking over your home. However, there are only so many preventative measures you can take to prevent pests from entering your home or yard, without harming the animals. Professional animal removers will not only be able to remove the animals without harming them, but they can also provide valuable information and resources to keep the animals from returning.

Crawl Spaces
Some areas of your home, such as the crawl space, are common hiding places for skunks, snakes and rats. A professional is experienced with safe skunks removal, snakes removal and rats removal. A professional service is also knowledgeable about how the animals get into the crawl space, so they can provide information and services to prevent them from getting under the house.

Raccoons are one of the most problematic animals in South Carolina. Although a raccoon looks cute, they are very destructive and if bitten by a raccoon, it can potentially cause serious injury. Raccoon removal should be done by a professional service to prevent the risk of injury when trying to remove them. Whenever possible a professional service will remove the animal from your property and take it to a safe, animal friendly environment.

If you have a water source on your property, there is a high likelihood that a beaver will make a home there. Beavers can cause a great deal of damage to the trees on your property as well as block the water from flowing, which can cause flooding. Beavers can carry diseases, so instead of trying to catch them on your own, it is highly recommended that you contact a professional for beaver removal to avoid the risk of injury.

Most wild animals carry diseases and can cause serious injury if you are bitten, so regardless, whether it is for a bat removal, squirrels removal or coyotes removal, it will be beneficial to contact a service that is experienced with removing animals.

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