Wildlife Removal Service – Mauldin, SC

South Carolina is truly one of the most picturesque areas in the entire country. That’s due, in part, to the state’s rolling landscapes, trees and undisturbed natural environments. Environments like these are home to wildlife, but these animals can sometimes venture out of their natural homes and into yours.

This is where Palmetto Wildlife Extractors comes in. Palmetto Wildlife Extractors has the appropriate licensing and permits to comply with all state-mandated regulations for wildlife removal as well as the experience in inspecting your Mauldin, SC home for wildlife. As individuals who love all creatures great and small, trapping and removal of wildlife is humane. The goal is always to capture the wild animal and relocate the animal back into the natural environment; however, this is not possible in all instances. At the homeowner’s request, any animal feces that has contaminated parts of the home can be removed by the professionals at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors.

Though many homeowners consider “going it alone”, it is best to hire professionals for your Mauldin, SC wildlife removal needs. Safety is important, and with a reputable service like Palmetto Wildlife Extractors, your home is not littered with poisonous foods or hazardous materials which can sometimes get into the hands of children or pets.

Speaking of your furry family members, coyotes can pose a huge threat to domestic animals. So too, can skunks and raccoons (both of whom are highly susceptible to rabies), and snakes which can deliver poisonous – even deadly – snake bites to both pets and humans. Squirrels tend to create tiny playgrounds in your crawl spaces and attics, building nests. They also tend to damage the insulation inside our homes. Bats often gain entry into homes through the chimney or ridge vent; they do, however, leave especially hazardous droppings (called guano). Guano causes a number of health risks for humans, but bat removal must be performed by experienced professionals.

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