Wildlife Removal Service – North Charleston, SC

While observing the antics of wildlife is educational and fun, it is much more entertaining when the animals are in their natural habitat or at the local zoo versus making their home in your attic, garage, or backyard.

When you are faced with the situation of wildlife running rampant in or around your North Charleston, SC home or office building, securing the services of a wildlife removal company is your best option. Whether you live or work in a wooded area that requires careful techniques when dealing with snakes and skunks removal, you are faced with a pond-loving beaver, or lone coyotes are making their way across your residential or commercial property, it is best to use a professional animal removal service.

Initiating a squirrel’s removal, a tree climbing raccoon, or a resident bat or family of rats in your garage requires expertise in knowing how to remove and relocate the animal safely and that is what you can expect from the experienced and professional staff at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors.

At Palmetto, all of your needs and concerns for wildlife removal services at your home or place of business are addressed quickly, safely, and humanely. From eliminating problematic rodents and securing an area with repellents to dissuade entry to removal of animal remains along with sterilizing and deodorizing the area, Palmetto Wildlife Extractors will handle the problem.

The company uses no poisonous food items and no hazardous materials that can harm wildlife, domestic animals, children, or adults. Their humane process of trapping and relocating ensures a safe approach to wildlife removal.

If you have questions about the wildlife removal process in North Charleston, SC, want to schedule an inspection of your home or business property, or request a free quote, contact the office via phone or send a convenient email.

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