Wildlife Removal Service – Wade Hampton, SC

When you have an issue with wildlife invading your home or place of business in Wade Hampton, SC, Palmetto Wildlife strives to meet all your wildlife removal needs. We welcome it when our clients ask for references because we have a long list of satisfied customers. We follow all the proper protocols to make certain that all of our removals are legal, safe, and efficient.

Finding the Problem

Our wildlife removal specialists are expertly trained in identifying the animal that needs to be removed. We use only humane trapping methods and it is our ultimate goal to return animals back to their natural habitat whenever and wherever possible.

Animals we Handle include the following:

Bat Removal

Squirels Removal

Raccon Removal

Snakes Removal

Rats Removal

Beaver Removal

Skunks Removal

Coyotes Removal

Animal Removal of any type: If it is causing a problem in your home or your business, Palmetto Wildlife will come out and handle it for you, safely and humanely.

Our services include complete removal (and relocation whenever possible) of the animals with a lifetime guarantee that they won’t return. If there are dead animals we take full charge of the removal and will deodorize and sterilize the area so that it’s safe for people. In some cases we use and provide additional nuisance animal repellent, which will help insure that the animals won’t return. We don’t believe in using poisoned foods or hazardous material to handle wildlife infestations. The safety of your family and your pets is number one to us! At Palmetto Wildlife we will handle the wildlife removal, start to finish, and we will make certain it never happens again.

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