Wildlife You Are Likely to Encounter on Your Property During the Winter Months

While it is true that several animals undergo the hibernation process during the winter months; there are several that do not. When given the choice between the sharp, chilling outdoor temperatures and massive amount of cold precipitation and the warmth of your home or near your home, all wildlife will gravitate towards your home.

This may make for some highly uncomfortable encounters during the cold months. In this guide, we will outline the three most common forms of wildlife that you are likely to have a little issue with when winter sets in for the year.


While there are some rodents that will hibernate as the winter sets in, this is not a common characteristic of rats or mice. In fact, these creatures will actively start to search for warm areas in which to nest and reside.

It is not at all uncommon for rodents to search for cracks, crevices, or holes that they can use to squeeze into your warm home. They not only have the ability to be completely destructive once inside of your home, but they carry many illnesses and diseases that may detrimentally impact your overall health.


Bats are active creatures. They tend to be most active at night. When it gets cold outside, they will explore the area around your home in an attempt to find a warm place to get cozy. Loose boards, fireplaces that are not being used, attics, and even behind shutters are all attractive places for these animals.

In addition to be a nuisance, they, too, have the capability of spreading a wide assortment of diseases. Furthermore, they also carry rabies -which can be highly detrimental to both humans and domestic animals.


In most instances, skunks will gravitate towards porches, sheds, and other locations. They may even find their way into your firewood stash outside. Very rarely do they enter into a home; however, it is possible.

These creatures spray a liquid that not only smells bad and can linger for weeks, but it can result in severe vision problems – including causing temporary blindness. If they feel threatened, they will spray. If you discover one of these creatures inside of your home, it is imperative that you seek the assistance of a wildlife removal company.


Another animal that bypasses hibernation during the winter months are raccoons. They prefer to stay in the great outdoors, but if they discover a way into your home, it is not uncommon for them to go ahead and enter.

These creatures carry both roundworms and rabies. They are extremely destructive, too. If they enter into your home, you should not approach them as you could get bit or suffer from some other issue as a result of your encounter.

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