Top 3 Signs It is Time to Call an Alligator Removal Professional

Southeastern Alligator

It is common knowledge that people are – generally speaking – the master of their environment. The likelihood of being savagely attacked, killed, and consumed by a wild animal is relatively slim. In fact, most agree that it is more likely to be on the receiving end of a lightning strike or selecting all of the numbers of a state lottery than being attacked by a feral animal.

Unfortunately, there are still those few animals that exist in nature and are known to remain in complete control of their domicile. These creatures have an extensive history of human attacks and typically reside in the Southeastern states – especially North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. These immense and fierce creatures include black bears, sharks, and mountain lions; however, the most feared of all is the alligator.

In this comprehensive article, we will provide you with general information on the American Alligator and the top 3 signs that it is time to call an alligator removal professional for the purpose of extracting such a creature.

Recent Alligator Issues

There are millions of alligators throughout the Southeastern states. In recent years, numerous fatal attacks have occurred. In 2016 alone, a 90-year-old female was found near a retention pond of a senior living center with alligator-inflicted wounds, a 2-year-old male was attacked by an alligator at the Seven Seas Lagoon at the Disney Resort in the State of Florida, and a 72-year-old male was found in the mouth of a gator in Lakeland, Florida.

In the Southeast, where there is water, there is a very high chance that there is an alligator nearby. It does not matter if it is a lake, a river, a swamp, or a marsh; in fact, many have discovered alligators in their swimming pools! Human populations are growing. They are developing areas that alligators typically nest and live in. As a result, encounters are quite likely to occur. In some instances, these encounters will need to be concluded with the assistance of an alligator extraction service.

Basic Facts

The American Alligator – as previously mentioned – resides in the Southeastern states. They have a very high range and are attracted to all bodies of water, except the ocean. However, recently, there have been several alligator sightings at various beaches – especially in the State of Florida. While the alligator typically feeds on turtles, fish, birds, and muskrats, they have also been known to consume bears, panthers, dogs, and other domestic animals – such as cats.

On average, these gigantic creatures grow to nearly 800 pounds and approximately 13 feet in length; however, they are capable of becoming even larger than this. Alligators move quickly when attempting to ambush prey; however, they typically only run – at best – approximately 10 mph on land. They typically do not continue to chase prey if they are unsuccessful in their ambush attempt; however, if in the water, the creature has the ability to swim at a rate of approximately 20 mph.

Ability to Inflict Harm

The American Alligator has the unique ability to directly inflict harm to humans – especially those that measure 5 ft. in length or more. The creature’s jaws are considered to be the most powerful of any animal currently in existence. Studies have discovered jaws closing at a power of up to 3,700 psi.

Essentially, this means that they are capable of crushing skulls, breaking bones, eliminating limbs, and holding prey with such an immense degree of force that there is no escape. When killing prey, alligators will commonly resort to drowning. They succeed in this endeavor by performing the widely-popular and extremely feared “death roll”.

When Is It Time for Alligator Removal Services?

There are numerous instances when it is time to contact an alligator removal services professional. The following outlines the top 3 signs:

  1. 1. If an alligator has found its way onto your property and/or has traveled exceptionally close to your home, it is time for professional alligator extraction service. While it may be tempting to shoo away the immense creature, it simply is not a safe maneuver. Are you able to run up to 10 mph on land? Do you have the strength to pry open an alligator’s jaws that has clamped down on you? If you cannot answer “yes” to BOTH of these questions, do not attempt alligator removal on your own!
  2. 2. If a neighborhood alligator is starting to get a little too friendly with people, pets, and the homes or vehicles in the area, it is time for an alligator removal specialist. This typically indicates that someone has been feeding the gator. NEVER feed wild animals. In the case of an alligator, it may view you as not only a source of food, but, a meal, too!
  3. 3. Finally, if the alligator is becoming a nuisance in a particular area and it is making people uncomfortable, it is time for an alligator removal service. Sometimes, over-population of areas where gators typically nest and live may result in unfavorable or bothersome behaviors. Removal experts have the ability to obtain the gator and place it in an environment that is suitable for its needs.

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